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The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important strategic marketing practice that, when thought of correctly, never really ends. While many people think of this…

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Duct Tape Marketing Weblog is featured in Seth Godin's latest book
That crazy Seth Godin is at it again. He is the undisputed king of viral marketing and just keeps proving over and over again how to get permission and deliver more than promised. He has created what some will call the ultimate marketing resouce. He calls it Bull Market :: Companies that can help you […]
Finding Your Ideal Client
When it comes to targeting a market many people simply look for someone who needs (or who they think needs) what they do and then they try to offer it to them. This may be the greatest single recipe for small business disaster. May I be blunt here? When looking for your ideal client there […]
Consistency Builds Trust
You know your prospects need what you sell. You know they want what you sell. Heck, they even sent away for your free report. But the fact is you are missing one major piece of the puzzle. Want to know what it is?

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Beg Your Clients To Point Out Your Faults
Few things are more lovable than a person who readily admits they have faults. Small business owners make mistakes. If you’ve read this weblog for any time at all you know I’m the ready, fire, aim type. I know I should do a better job of proofreading my writing but well, that’s just me. So […]
Is Your Website Ready For Local Search Engine Traffic?
Google and Yahoo both announced this month their model for tapping into the local search traffic. In other words they are now going to make it easy for web surfers that want to find an accountant in their home town to do so. Everyone knew they would eventually get around to this very lucrative market […]

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The Most Important Marketing Question
Create all the fancy marketing materials, websites, and sales presentations you want, but if you can’t answer this question you’re dead… So what’s the question? What is it that you really sell? I know, I know, you thought it was going to be a tough one right?
The Local Search War Just Got Interesting
Google and Yahoo have launched the next killer app. Not sure if it really qualifies as an app but I was a bit nostalgic today. Local search, the ability to use your website around the corner, took a big step forward in the last couple of weeks when Google and Yahoo both unvelied some of […]
Two Weblogs You Should Know About
There are two weblogs that I myself love to visit and would recommend to you as well. (Actually you can find an entire list below) 1) Seth Godin’s – Seth’s Blog 2) Kevin Kelly’s – Cool Tools
Marketing Never Ends
For too many small business owners, marketing is advertising or lead generation and that’s about it. Sure without leads you have much but, marketing is so much more than that if done correctly. What good is a bucket of leads if you don’t sell anything?

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