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The Secret to Success Lies in Your Grip
Anyone who has attended or viewed a major league baseball game has likely witnessed one of the scariest moments a baseball player can experience – the inevitable time in which he loses grip of the bat he is swinging and it flies off, hopefully, safely landing on the turf somewhere. Now some might wonder why […]
The Shifting Seasons of an Entrepreneur
Summer is finally giving way to Fall in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s a cycle that plays out each year and it’s one of the things I love best about living in the Midwest. The change in season is both dramatic and distinct – you can see it and feel it and you know with a […]
What I Read On My Summer Vacation
I read a lot. I interview authors for my weekly podcast so over the last decade or so I’ve probably read some portion of over 1,000 books. Just as every High School Language or Literature teacher, I believe that reading is the key to better writing. As an entrepreneur I believe it’s is the key to […]
Entrepreneurs Teach for Growth
We all teach something – like it or not, know it or not – but how conscious are we of the act. Professional teachers have had a profound impact on my life – Perhaps more than my parents in some very important ways. I’m reminded of my 7th-grade history teacher and basketball coach who felt […]
What to Do When the Dream Comes Dressed in Fear
Pretty much anyone who has chased a dream – launched a product, opened a business, set a goal – has experienced moments of fear. In some cases fear so gripping it derails, but mostly fear cloaked in some form of self-doubt that’s just strong enough to keep you stuck where you are. When I experience […]