Give us 3 days, and you'll walk away with a complete Fractional CMO system that changes how you think about your agency's growth.

License the Duct Tape Marketing System by attending
an upcoming 3-day Certification Intensive.

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With proof like this . . .

"The return on investment has been extraordinary. We paid a fee to license the Duct Tape Marketing system but already made two $60,000 deals in just two weeks. It's a much bigger value than the price we paid."

Robert Talac, MD, PhD

"I was able to define my value to the marketplace and shift from project work to monthly retainers. I went from 0 to 20+ clients in my first year with a steady flow of new clients each year."

Tom Shipley

“The return on investment has been significant and immediate. Within just a month of joining, we’ve seen a rapid increase in sales... I see the potential for continuous growth as we can now sell standalone services that lead to retainer clients.”

Tina Smith

It's no wonder agency owners and Fractional CMOs claim that licensing this system is the best business decision they've ever made

Some immediate benefits of using our
FractionalCMO+ approach

Instantly double your fees
Create monthly recurring revenue
Be seen as a trusted advisor

The Certification Intensive Training is based on the inner workings of the "Strategy Before Tactics" approach and the repeatable process of integrating every channel available to marketers today. 

Most agencies struggle with growth for the same reasons:

  • Not using a repeatable client fulfillment system
  • Offer no key point of competitive differentiation
  • Can’t find or retain partners to implement client work
  • Aren’t attracting a steady stream of ideal clients on a consistent basis
  • No system and processes to grow and scale, particularly when adding team members
  • Constantly juggling client demands and making it up again with every engagement


Certification Intensive

A 3-day intensive training that gives you a step-by-step approach for attracting ideal clients, creating ongoing monthly recurring revenue, and the tools, templates, and partners you need to scale your agency now.

Your license includes:

  • Ability to Integrate All Process Into Your Business (price them however you like)
  • Complete Strategy Development Process (you can sell to clients for $5-$10K each engagement)
  • Fractional CMO Model (the key to positioning yourself above all other marketers)
  • Services Implementation Model (the secret to generating monthly recurring revenue)

  • Customer Journey Mapping Process (the fastest way to close ideal clients)
  • Training and Support (we’ve done this hundreds of times)
  • Tools, Checklists, Sample documents, Case Studies,  and Templates (why recreate the wheel?)
  • Turnkey Service Packages (the secret to outrageously profitable engagements)

Only 3 steps to bring the Duct Tape Marketing
System to your agency or practice.

Complete a brief application and schedule a call with a member of our team to see if licensing the Duct Tape Marketing System is a great fit for your agency right now.

Attend 3-day Certification

Attend an upcoming training cohort and acquire
everything you need to confidently deliver Strategic Action Plans and long-term retainers.

Start offering a strategic marketing approach to your clients

Use the Duct Tape Marketing System to immediately acquire more high-paying ideal clients. Our team will continue to support you to make sure you get off to a fast start.

After completing the certification training, you will have the option to join our Strategic Marketing Agency
Community to gain additional opportunities for training, networking, and business and professional
development for your entire team.

Meet Your Instructors

John Jantsch

In addition to being the creator of the Duct Tape Marketing System and author of the best-selling book of the same name, John has over 30 years of experience working with agencies, helping them bring these proven methods to their businesses. 

Sara Nay

Sara is the COO of Duct Tape Marketing and has spent the last twelve years working with agencies and consultancies, helping them build recurring revenue streams as well as systems and processes that enable them to scale. 

Upcoming Certification Intensive Training.

Virtual Certification

June 20-22, 2023

Virtual Certification

Aug 22-25, 2023

Apply now to save on future training costs. 

Certification Intensive Schedule

  • dAY 1

  • dAY 2

  • dAY 3

Strategic First Approach with John Jantsch

  • Benefits of a strategic engagement 
  • Objections for a strategic engagement
  • Packaging and pricing a strategic engagement
  • Strategy First research
  • Strategy First research - LIVE WORKSHOP

What you get in addition to your certification license

  • License to use and sell the system and methodology
    as an ongoing revenue stream
  • Strategic Marketing Agency Certification
  • 30-day FastTrac onboarding with our team to help you apply the principles and approaches learned in the training
  • Invitation to join an engaged community of over one hundred agencies to network, collaborate, and share
  • Library of content, tools, templates, and case
  • Lead generation and conversion toolkits, training, and proven tactics
  • Access to preferred implementation partners
  • Option to invite your existing team to ongoing personal and professional development opportuniteis
Acquiring just one client using our system and methodology will
allow you to  10X  your return on investment.

What others are saying...

about licensing the Duct Tape Marketing System for their agencies

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Without a doubt, it's been the greatest return on investment I've made in my business or personal life.

Antonio Guerrero

Systematic Business Marketing

If you're looking for a complete marketing system to serve your clients better and create a sustainable business that will also provide for you and your family, I strongly encourage you to reach out to John or Sara to learn more about how Duct Tape Marketing can help you succeed.

Chris Davidson


After joining the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network, we've experienced triple-digit growth each year we've been in business.

Ian Cantle

Outsourced Marketing

We doubled our revenue in two years after receiving the guidance and know-how to build standards, processes and systems from Duct Tape Marketing.

Debbie Howard

Senior Living SMART

Duct Tape Marketing...has helped me to grow my business by over 40% in the last 12 months.

Michael Quinn

Michael Quinn Agency

I got clarity and structure for my agency’s offers and was then able to increase consulting leads by 30%.

Alfonso Lavergne

Digital Chif

I was able to define my value to the marketplace and shift from project work to monthly retainers. Now have 20+ clients with a steady flow of new clients each year.

Tom Shipley

Cole-Dalton Marketing Services

Tom Shipley

I completed the 3-day Duct Tape Marketing Agency Certification...Each day was filled with specific instructions regarding how to implement the “Strategy First” methodology and how to manage an agency effectively. Included in the portal are all the resources, tools and templates needed to support a successful marketing agency. I highly recommend this workshop.

Renee Perschin

One Eighty Legacy Marketing

If you learn and implement [The Duct Tape Marketing System] the way that John Jantsch and Sarah Nay teach it, it will skyrocket your business. (If you don’t implement it, look for more of the same results you’re getting now.)

Jack Carroll


"In three days, you get certified as an agency, and you can use their resources, you can network with other members of that group, and it's like a 3-day immersion into strategy, which is awesome!"

Glennette Goodbread

Premium Web Development

"Overall, the Duct Tape Marketing Agency Certification Intensive training provided me with the guidance and tools I needed to succeed as a Fractional CMO."

Jay Tickle

Cover Craft Digital Marketing

"Everybody talks about ROI, and I've enjoyed a great experience with Duct Tape Marketing. Even before I participated in the Agency Certification Intensive, I had already landed my first customer. This, in essence, more than paid for my investment!"

David LaCombe

Imperatives Delivered

"The return on investment has been extraordinary. We paid a fee to license the Duct Tape Marketing system, but we've already made two $60,000 deals in just two weeks. It's a much bigger value than the price we paid."

Robert Talac MD, PhD

The return on investment has been significant and immediate. Within just a month of joining, we’ve seen a rapid increase in sales.”

Tina Smith

Creative LLC

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Generate predictable revenue growth for your agency by licensing the Duct Tape Marketing System.

Whether you want to build a marketing consulting business or scale your existing agency, Duct Tape Marketing and The Duct Tape Marketing System will get you there.

Duct Tape Marketing is the trusted name in small business marketing. Started by author, expert speaker and marketing consultant John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing has helped thousands of businesses, consultants, and agency owners systemize and scale their businesses to 6,7, 8 or 9 figures.

Many marketers and business owners have found the Duct Tape Marketing System through John’s books, such as Duct Tape Marketing: The World’s Most Practical Small Business Guide, the Duct Tape Marketing blog, The Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, or through major media outlets such as The New York Times, CNN, The Huffington Post, Bloomberg, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, and more.

As the founder of Duct Tape Marketing and the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network, John trains and licenses small business owners, independent consultants, and agencies using the proven Duct Tape System.


The Duct Tape Marketing agency Certification Intensive
is perfect for you if you're a:

Marketing consultant,
coach or strategist

Marketing consultant,
coach or strategist
looking to scale your practice


Fractional CMO

This is like getting a Fractional CMO business in a box for this super hot business approach.


Marketing agency

Marketing agencies
looking to systematize
and scale. Ask about
team certifications

Step 1: Book your free application discovery call where we will assess if this program is a fit and answer all of your questions.

Step 2: If it's a fit - Sign Up

Step 3: Attend the training, license the system, and scale your agency!

Learn how to scale your practice without adding overhead

How to Scale Your Agency or Practice Without Adding Overhead In 7 Steps

Taking the time to invest in scaling your business can feel overwhelming. This workbook will break it all down for you in 7 easy steps that have helped our Duct Tape Marketing Certified Agencies grow and scale their business to 7, 8, 9 figures and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Duct Tape Marketing?

Well, that depends on whom you ask. For some, it’s a book, blog, or podcast. For others, it’s a methodology that taps the power of a systematic marketing approach. And still, for some, it’s a network of skilled, independent marketing professionals certified to install the Duct Tape Marketing System. Ultimately, however, it’s one of the world’s most trusted small business marketing brands.

What is the Duct Tape Marketing System?

The system is a repeatable framework and process that allows marketers to create wins more easily for clients by focusing on “Strategy Before Tactics” to create a winning plan and then quickly moving to retainer engagements with a set blueprint to guide the engagement.

What else comes with the license in addition to the training?

In addition to the certification and training, participants receive a library of tools, templates, case studies, proposals, and lead generation and conversion processes. Participants also gain access to our vetted partner network to help with many aspects of implementation with client engagements.

How do people use this to generate revenue?

Most people who license this system use it to create $5,000-$10,000 “Strategy First” engagements that attract ideal clients that generally turn into long-term retainer engagements at $4-5,000 per month. Our average is 19 months!

 What is the implementation partner network?

We have hand-selected and vetted 3rd party providers for things like web design, content, SEO, and paid ads. These partners not only do great work, they know the Duct Tape Marketing system and can often help with processes for delegation. In addition, we have negotiated discounts with many software tool providers that are exclusive to our certified agencies.

Is this training suitable for someone just getting started?

About one-third of the folks who license our system are just getting started. Many are jumping from a corporate position or another career. We’ve successfully structured the training and tools to fit wherever people are in their business journey.

Is this training suitable for someone trying to scale?

Many agencies that license our system see it as a way to bring a different structure to their fulfillment. They have grown to a certain point and now realize they need a repeatable system to scale profitably.

The Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network has helped these consultants and agency owners reach new levels of business growth. We are here to help you do the same

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