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Developing Content for Your Mobile Audience
Have you ever seen content on a mobile device that you’re excited to read and click through to view it only to realize you need to squint or zoom in to read it? It’s frustrating, not only because it’s inconvenient, but because it’s so easily avoidable. We live in the age of mobile, and if […]
What Goes Into Creating An Effective Mobile Marketing Campaign?
I recently wrote a post about the importance of mobile optimization and today I want to expand further on the topic of mobile and discuss mobile marketing and advertising. I can’t reiterate this enough: When it comes to your business, if mobile isn’t currently on your mind, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity, especially […]
How to Create A Mobile Website That Gets Found By Google
Here’s the thing, as a society, we’re constantly on the go and Google has adapted to this sort of lifestyle. Because of this, in order for your website to succeed to its fullest capacity today, it needs to work well on mobile devices. Just because it’s ranking well on a desktop does not mean the […]