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Why It’s Time to Embrace a Real CRM Tool for Your Business
Using a spreadsheet or index cards to manage your clients may make sense when you’re first starting out: there aren’t that many to keep track of, and the clients you do have don’t have a long history with your business. However, as time goes on, your client list grows, your track record with existing clients […]
What Are Referral Champions and How Do You Create Them?
Every business owner knows that the key to generating referrals is creating a positive customer experience. When someone has a great interaction with your brand, they’re more likely to go and recommend you to their friends or colleagues. One recommendation can mean a lot to your business, but what if you could turn that happy […]
How to Add Sales to Each Stage of the Customer Journey
When you think of your business’s sales strategy, you may be tempted to think of it as only relating to the actual transaction where a customer pays for the good or service you offer. However, businesses today can’t think of their relationship with their customers as a linear one. Instead, people have the opportunity to […]
6 Tips for Converting One-Time Customers into Recurring Ones
“The purpose of a business is to create a customer.” Peter Drucker, Austrian-American management consultant, educator, and author We live in a world where businesses strive hard to outdo each other and win customers. Enduring business success is what most firms seek but very few achieve. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses have shut shop after […]
Cold Beer, Strollers, and Craft Draft Hipsters – What’s not to love?
Today I’m thrilled to share the story of my long-time friend and Kansas Citian John Couture who is the founder of the Bier Station, as a part of the “Amex Welcomed” program with @americanexpress, which is showcasing the people behind our favorite local businesses that welcome Amex. Did you know that over 8,000 more places in […]
What Your Customers Really Need Is…More Site Testing?
Why do your customers buy? What are they looking for? Why do they convert on your site? Ask most marketers or business owners these questions and you’ll usually get a lot of very specific answers. “We have the best prices”…“Our product has more features than the competition”…“Our customer service is incredible”… Now, all of these […]

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Good Customer Service: Are You Doing It Right?
Whether you are a B2B or a B2C organization, one thing you already know is that you need to provide quality customer service in order to be successful. Chances are, your mission statement or company vision includes something about customer service. You may even have customer service-related quotes around the office. But how often, if […]
5 Under Used Strategies to Make Your Customers Feel Valued
There’s a misconception that great customer service requires endless resources and personnel, complex software systems, and outsourced call centers. While those tools can certainly help large corporations feel more connected to their clients — perhaps increasingly so through automation and social media “bots” to jump on quick replies — there are still few substitutes for human […]
The Power of Proactive Customer Service
Are you happy now? Or simply, happy overall? As a company, you don’t just want your customer happy in this moment in time. You want them happy all of the time. According to McKinsey & Company, evaluating a customer’s satisfaction throughout his or her entire journey with a company is 30% more predictive of overall […]
How to Create a Compelling Six-Second Brand Story?
With the proliferation of media and the rapid adoption of digital channels, consumers are bombarded with thousands of brand messages and stories every day. In fact, marketing experts estimate that, on average, people are exposed to over 5,000 advertisements each day, making it harder than ever to gain the customer’s attention. The reality is that […]