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Welcome to Duct Tape Marketing's Guide page, your ultimate resource for all things marketing. Our guides are designed to help you navigate marketing strategy with ease. From SEO to social media, email marketing to content creation, our guides are packed with practical tips, insights, and strategies to help you take your marketing to the next level.

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Welcome to the Guide to Building a Small Business Marketing Consulting Practice or Agency. Over the years I’ve worked with a lot of consultants and agency owners teaching them how to market their businesses. I’ve spent thirty years learning how to build my marketing agency and even developed an entire proven Marketing System.Many businesses, even those

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ELEMENTS OF ASmall Business Marketing System.Elevate your small business with tailored marketing solutions. Unleash your potential by focusing on the core 7 essential elements of a small business marketing system.  7 Essential Elements we go to work

Welcome to the Small Business Guide to Sales. You may have an incredible product, a stellar marketing team, and the greatest value proposition that ever was, but without a solid approach to sales, you don't have

Welcome to the Small Business Guide to Managing Your Small Business Finances. As the owner of a small business, you are likely all too aware of the many moving pieces it takes for a business to

Welcome to the Small Business Guide to Advertising. As a small business owner, your approach to advertising must be different. You don't have the spend, the bandwidth, or the reach of a major corporate brand, but

Welcome to the Small Business Guide to Website Design. Your website is the heart of your online marketing efforts. All other channels should drive users back to your website, so it's critical that you build the

Welcome to the Small Business Guide to Marketing Automation. Marketing automation used to be embraced only by huge companies with many thousands (or even millions) of customers. But in recent years, small and mid-sized business owners

Welcome to the Small Business Guide to Customer Relationship Management.  Some people mistakenly think that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is just about using a tool to create the equivalent of a 21st Century rolodex. In reality,

Welcome to the Small Business Guide to Social Media. Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn, oh my! There are a myriad of social media platforms for a small business owner to consider, and a different approach to

Welcome to the Small Business Guide to Paid Search. Paid search is an essential component of any comprehensive marketing strategy. It is a way for you to get discovered by new prospects and re-engage existing customers.While

Welcome to the Small Business Guide to SEO. Nobody ever said being a small business owner was easy. For many, the entrepreneur’s day can include anything from business development to taking out the trash (somebody’s got

Welcome to the Small Business Guide to Email Marketing. Email is one of the oldest online marketing channels, but it remains one of the most effective. If you know how to use it, email marketing can

Welcome to the Small Business Guide to Mobile Marketing. Did you know that mobile searches now take up more than half of all searches on Google? This mobile trend isn’t going to slow down any time

Welcome to the Small Business Guide to Referrals. Referrals are the secret to ensuring your business's long-term success. Acquiring new business is costly and time-consuming. When you can rely on your existing client base to spread

Welcome to the Small Business Guide to Shaping the Customer Journey. The customer journey is the sum of all experiences a customer has when interacting with your business. From their first Google search to their most

Welcome to the Guide to Content Marketing for Small Business. Content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. It can influence customer behavior over time as you effectively communicate with your audience. This will not only

Welcome to the Ultimate Marketing Strategy Plan for Small Business. You must develop a strategy before you even think about the tactics. This is the key element to make marketing effective. You must have an approach

Backlinks on- and offlineNo matter what Google tries to do to devalue backlinks, they still remain an important factor in your ranking.Getting high quality backlinks to your content is one of the more important factors

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to Local Marketing. We've built a complete consulting success system and network exclusively for small business marketing consultants, coaches, and agencies. Marketing your local business isdifferent than marketing, say, a software service