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John Jantsch 
Founder of Duct Tape Marketing

About The Author

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, author, expert speaker, and founder of Duct Tape Marketing, a marketing agency that helps small businesses strategically market and grow their businesses. He has written several books, including Duct Tape Marketing and The Ultimate Marketing Engine.

Additionally, John created the Duct Tape Marketing Agency Certification Intensive, a training program that equips consultants and agencies with the Duct Tape System and Methodology. He is also a popular speaker and hosts the Duct Tape Marketing podcast, where he offers insights and interviews, with industry experts.

For small business owners looking to take their marketing efforts to the next level or agencies looking to scale, there is no better guide than John Jantsch.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between marketing strategy and marketing tactics?

A marketing strategy refers to a company's overall plan or approach to reach its target audience and achieve its marketing objectives. It involves identifying the target market, analyzing the competition, and determining the most effective marketing mix (i.e., the combination of products, pricing, promotion, and distribution) to reach and engage potential customers.

On the other hand, marketing tactics are the specific actions or efforts a company takes to implement its marketing strategy. These include advertising, social media campaigns, email marketing, events, and public relations efforts. Marketing tactics are typically more specific and focused on executing a particular aspect of the overall marketing strategy.

In summary, marketing strategy is the big-picture plan that guides marketing efforts. In contrast, marketing tactics are the specific actions to implement that plan.

What is the Duct Tape Marketing System?

The Duct Tape Marketing System is a repeatable framework and process that allows marketers to create wins more easily for clients by focusing on “Strategy Before Tactics” to create a winning plan and then quickly moving to retainer engagements with a set blueprint to guide the engagement.

The System has been successfully installed in 1000s of businesses worldwide and featured in many prestigious media outlets, including; The New York Times, CNN, The Huffington Post, Bloomberg, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine, and many more.

You can apply The Duct Tape Marketing System to help grow your business in 3 ways:

  1. Hire our marketing agency to design a marketing strategy for you using the Duct Tape Marketing System.
  2. License the Duct Tape Marketing System to use in your agency.

Why is a marketing strategy important for my business?

Having a complete Marketing strategy is vital for any small business. A clear strategy enables you to plan how you will reach your target market, which can lead to increased revenue and profit. A proper marketing strategy will increase your scope of potential customers so that you are not just throwing money at different advertising tactics and hoping that something sticks. A marketing strategy for your small business allows you to be surgical and succinct in your approach leading to minimal waste and maximum profit.

How can I find a marketing agency for my business?

Here are some tips on how to find a marketing consultant for your business:

1. Determine your needs and goals: Before beginning your search for a marketing consultant, take some time to figure out what you're looking for and what your goals are for your business. In what areas of your business do you need help? A clear vision of your goals will make the search process more focused and efficient.

2. Research online to see which consulting companies are the most reputable in your industry. Then contact them to see if they offer marketing consulting services.

3. You can also look for marketing consultants who work independently from larger companies and offer their services to businesses for a fraction of the price. Make sure to schedule an introductory meeting to learn more about their background and experience before hiring them.

4. When interviewing potential marketing consultants, ask them about their previous experience and expected results, and make sure they understand your business needs and goals.


How is the Duct Tape Marketing System different from other marketing systems out there?

The Duct Tape Marketing System has helped thousands of businesses and agencies grow worldwide for more than 30 years. It is a proven and reputable system, built on a solid foundation that focuses on strategy first and customer-centricity. The system does not offer fly-by-night strategies or tactic-hacking schemes but instead focuses on helping you get better results for your clients because if your clients are growing, you're growing, you're getting referrals and the growth cycle continues. Learn how to license the system for your agency.

What is the average salary of agencies who have licensed the Duct Tape Marketing System?

The average retainer for agencies who have licensed the Duct Tape Marketing System is about $5,000/month. With that math just 2 clients could generate about $120,000/year and 4 clients could generate $240,000/ year. This is just an estimate, ultimately you have the final say on what you charge for your services. 

How can I apply the Duct Tape Marketing System to my agency?

First, you must attend a 3-day Agency Certification Intensive. During this training you will earn a certification to license the successful Duct Tape Marketing System. We will train you and give you all of the tools you need to scale your agency with ease. Once you receive your certification you will also be invited to join the Duct Tape Marketing Network. The Network provides continued support, training, and consists of over 150 marketing agencies and consultants.