Small Business Guide to Paid Search

Paid search is an essential component of any comprehensive marketing strategy. It is a way for you to get discovered by new prospects and re-engage existing customers.

While the terminology and mechanics of establishing a campaign may seem overwhelming at first, once you come to understand the ins and outs of paid search, you can put it to work for your business.

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Paid search types and tactics

When it comes to paid search, there are a lot of terms to get to know. For the uninitiated, it can seem intimidating. But we've got you covered. Here's a look at the basics of paid search, from ad formats to PPC tactics.

Understanding Google Ads

Google is far and away the most popular search engine in the game. If you want to establish a PPC campaign, it makes a lot of sense to spend your advertising dollars on Google Ads. But their ad creation process is complex and their dashboard can be tricky to navigate. Here's what you need to know to put Google Ads to work for you.

Paid search and the customer journey

Paid search can help your business stay top of mind with prospects and clients throughout their customer journey. You can use paid search to get discovered by a whole new audience, or use remarketing techniques to speak to existing customers.

Getting the most from your paid search ads

There is a right way and a wrong way to manage your paid search ads. Unfortunately, even the most experienced marketers have been known to fall victim to some common mistakes. Here's what you need to know to get the most out of your investment in PPC.

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