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The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important strategic marketing practice that, when thought of correctly, never really ends. While many people think of this…

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The proper way to stalk a journalist
First off the title of this post was meant to get attention, I only mean stalking in it’s most polite form of course. You know you need to get your story told in the media, but you can’t seem to get anyone interested. The problem is you need to look at journalists as a target […]
Paying my Plaxo karmic debt
For a number of years I have received emails from readers, some I’ve known, some I haven’t, stating that they were “using Plaxo to update their address books” and that I should fill in the blanks with my address and phone to complete their records. I have to admit that for the most part I […]
What's the picture of your business when it's done?
Michael Gerber, author the E-Myth books, used to ask me that question and I have to tell you that it rings immediately as both very necessary and completely absurd. Sometimes, when you are just getting started, you have this picture of what you want your business to be like, act like, be thought of like, […]

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Coaching Excellence Series with Guy Kawasaki, John Battelle and Michael Gerber
I love live interviews, don’t you? That’s why I’ve decided to launch the Coaching Excellence Series with Guy Kawasaki, John Battelle, and Michael Gerber. Each of these experts will join me for a live telesession to address lessons on growing a business, discovering dreams, creating rich customer experiences, Web 2.0 and whatever else I can […]
Google custom search
Search is big, right, you know that. Why not create your own search engine using Google’s Custom Search. Custom Search allows you to use the Google search engine as designed by you. You get to determine what is indexed and what gets shown. I hacked together a very simple marketing related search engine I called […]

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Gift certificates for referral
Sending gift certificates, good towards the purchase of your products and, yes, services too, can be a great way to stimulate additional purchases. It’s also a great tool to use for referrals. Send out gift certificates to customers and ask them to give them away to someone who might use it. Then give your customer […]
Elegant travel organization
Every now and then something comes along that works so elegantly I get giddy. I know that’s my inner geek talking, but today I feel compelled to share a new (not really marketing related) resource called TripIt. I do a fair amount of traveling and anyone who does can tell you that it takes a […]
Duct Tape Marketing in Entrepreneur Magazine
Beginning with the current issue, and most months hereafter, you can find my column titled “Hype” in Entrepreneur. You can also read the article, along with much of the content from the magazine, online at Entrepreneur Magazine: If You Build It . . . This month’s column covers one of my favorite topics – marketing […]
The right list is a big piece of the puzzle
Direct marketing pros will tell you that a great offer, sent to a lousy list, will most likely get lousy results. But finding great mailing lists is tough, particularly for the small business owner. Compiled lists from companies like InfoUSA are better than nothing, but often produce less than desirable results in terms of accuracy […]

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