Boosting Brand Awareness: How a Local Business Skyrocketed Online Visibility and Achieved 300% Growth with Complete Digital Marketing Strategy

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Case Study Template

Fox Point Dental is a whole-health, family dental clinic in Lakewood, Colorado, owned and managed by Dr. Elizabeth Turner, DMD. Dr. Turner provides general, restorative, and cosmetic dental services to help her patients smile confidently, breathe clearer, and live healthier lives. In November of 2020, Dr. Turner entered the realm of entrepreneurship when the founders of Fox Point Dental transferred ownership to her. Along with the transfer came a few loyal patients. However, with a patient load of only 10 per month, Dr. Turner knew she had to increase awareness of her clinic and attract new patients.

Client Profile

Business Name: Fox Point Dental

Industry: Health Industry

Location: Lakewood, Colorado

Years in Business: 10 - 20 years

Employees: 1 - 10


The Challenge

Fox Point Dental, a local dental practice in Colorado, was struggling to attract new patients and increase their online presence. The practice had been relying on traditional advertising methods that were no longer as effective in the digital age. They needed a modern and effective marketing strategy to grow their business and compete in the local market.

The Solution

Duct Tape Marketing stepped in to help Fox Point Dental develop and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy that focused on four main areas:

  • Website Design and Optimization: We started by redesigning the Fox Point Dental website to make it more visually appealing, user-friendly, and optimized for search engines. This included creating an SEO-optimized slug and title, adding relevant keywords to content, improving site navigation and Google Business Profile optimizations for local businesses.
  • Content Marketing: We created a content marketing plan that included blog posts, informative articles, and engaging social media content through our hub pages approach for key services. This helped establish Fox Point Dental as an authority in the dental industry and provided valuable information to potential patients.

  • Online Advertising: We implemented a geo-targeted direct mail campaign to reach potential clients in the local area. We also launched a targeted online advertising campaign. This included using Google Ads and social media advertising to attract people looking for dental services in Lakewood, Colorado and surrounding areas.

  • Strategic Planning: With a new owner at the helm, Duct Tape Marketing strategists built Fox Point Dental an expertly crafted quarterly strategic plan, and editorial plan along with the key metrics to track in order to meet and exceed the company's growth goals.

The Results

With Duct Tape Marketing's comprehensive marketing strategy, Fox Point Dental experienced significant business growth:

  • Increased Brand Awareness Online: Fox Point Dental's website traffic grew by 784%, and web traffic, specifically from our SEO efforts, increased by 1,287%. Additionally, their Google Business Profile views experienced remarkable growth of 659%, further enhancing their online presence and visibility.
  • New Patient Acquisition: The practice experienced a staggering 3,461% increase in targeted goal completions and received 923 total calls after implementing the marketing strategy from Duct Tape Marketing. Impressively, 47% of these calls came from Google Organic alone, highlighting the effectiveness of the marketing approach in driving customer engagement and interaction.
  • Business Growth: Fox Point Dental's production grew by 300% within the first year of working with Duct Tape Marketing, proving that a well-executed marketing strategy can have a significant impact on business growth.

Client Testimonial

“Working with Sara and her marketing team has been beyond what I could have hoped for! As a doctor who is very busy dealing with patients and trying to run a business, I can't say how much I appreciate how organized, efficient, and goal-specific they are.

I truly had NO idea what went into building a brand, a website, and marketing a business. From SEO to targeted ads, social media presence to blog posts, they have helped me make a dent in a saturated market.

I have new patients flooding in, yet because of their brand-specific marketing, my patients know my name, my kid's names, even my dog's name. We have been able to grow in size yet not lose touch with those most important to us; our patients.

I'm super excited for the future and am actually planning on expanding my brand further with their help. Very grateful to have found this team!"

Dr. Elizabeth Turner

Owner of Fox Point Dental


Fox Point Dental’s results demonstrate the transformative power of a well-executed marketing strategy in increasing awareness and attracting new patients, especially when working with a new business owner. By partnering with Duct Tape Marketing, Fox Point Dental revamped their online presence, attracted new patients, and experienced remarkable business growth. With a focus on website optimization, content marketing, online advertising, and strategic planning, Duct Tape Marketing helped Fox Point Dental adapt to the digital age and thrive in a competitive local market.

The impressive results speak for themselves: website traffic, SEO efforts, Google Business Profile views, and new patient acquisition all increased dramatically. This success translated into a 300% growth in production within the first year.

By increasing brand awareness and leveraging targeted marketing efforts, Fox Point Dental was able to stand out and make a dent in a saturated market. They not only attracted new patients but also created meaningful connections with them, ensuring that the practice's growth did not come at the expense of personalized patient care.

As a marketing agency, we are proud to showcase the Fox Point Dental case study as an example of our commitment to helping businesses grow and succeed in the digital age, particularly when working with new business owners. If your business is in need of a marketing revamp, don't hesitate to reach out to us for a tailored solution that will drive results and fuel your success.