Crafting a Marketing Blueprint: A Journey of Brand Clarity and Business Expansion

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Case Study Template

Get Simple Box is a growing company providing simple, secure, and affordable storage container solutions for residential and commercial use across multiple U.S. locations. Ross Black, the CEO & Founder, was eager to develop a clear, proactive marketing plan aimed at expanding their national footprint.

Client Profile

Business Name: Get Simple Box

Industry: Shipping & Storage Container Solutions

Location: Multiple U.S. locations


The Challenge

Get Simple Box grappled with the need for a well-defined and effective marketing strategy that could produce consistent results. Ross had prior experience with a marketing agency, but their StoryBrand approach failed to provide the comprehensive, multifaceted plan he needed. Ross sought an organized, practical, and action-oriented solution that would help him see tangible results from his marketing efforts.

The Solution

Duct Tape Marketing partnered with Get Simple Box for a multiple-week Strategy First process, which encompassed:

  • Total Online Presence Audit: Comprehensive analysis of Get Simple Box's online presence, including their website, SEO, social media channels, and online reputation, was conducted. This examination uncovered areas for improvement and yielded actionable recommendations.
  • Competitor Research: In-depth competitor analysis was undertaken to understand their marketing tactics, strengths, and weaknesses, helping to highlight unique opportunities for Get Simple Box.

  • Customer Persona Creation: Based on client interviews and competitor research, detailed customer personas were developed, representing Get Simple Box's ideal clients.

  • Core Message and Supporting Description Ideation: Using the customer personas, a persuasive core message was crafted, communicating Get Simple Box's unique value proposition along with supporting descriptions.
  • Buyer's Journey Plan/Marketing Hourglass: A marketing hourglass outlining the buyer's journey for Get Simple Box's target audience was designed, providing a clear roadmap for creating targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Strategy Overview: A comprehensive marketing strategy, serving as a blueprint for future marketing endeavors, was presented to Get Simple Box.
  • Content Marketing Plan: A content marketing plan was formulated, including engaging articles, blog posts, and compelling social media content tailored to Get Simple Box's target audience.

The Results

The Strategy First engagement with Duct Tape Marketing eased Ross's frustration and brought much-needed clarity to his business. The practical and organized approach reinstated Ross's confidence in the marketing process and led Get Simple Box to sign a marketing retainer contract with Duct Tape Marketing.

Client Feedback

Partnering with Duct Tape Marketing was a game-changer for Get Simple Box.

The client shared that the Strategy First process was more practical and action-oriented than previous experiences with other marketing firms and helped to break down their marketing goals into manageable categories and scripted out timelines for execution, thus instilling an organization that our marketing efforts were previously lacking. They can now operate with a clear, effective marketing plan that is already yielding results.


The Get Simple Box case study highlights the transformational power of a well-executed, comprehensive marketing strategy in driving business expansion. The fruitful engagement has led to a retainer contract with Duct Tape Marketing, reaffirming our commitment to providing value and facilitating business growth through customized marketing solutions. If you're looking to revamp your marketing strategy, reach out to us today to unlock your business growth potential.