Mapping Success: How to Go from Uncertainty to Growth as a New Business Owner

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Case Study Template

Leigh Shulman, an international writing coach and mentor, faced challenges in her business and was looking to improve her online presence and marketing strategy. After being drawn to Duct Tape Marketing's Strategy First offering and expertise, Leigh was able to fill in the gaps in her marketing and set her on the right path to success.

Client Profile

Business Name: Leigh Shulman

Industry: Writing Coaching and Mentorship

Location: Worldwide


About: Leigh Shulman is an accomplished writer whose work has been featured in many high-profile publications. She has published 2 books, taught at many esteemed universities, and now mentors women and offers a supportive online community to help them finish their masterpieces and create their ideal writing life. 

The Challenge

Leigh had many ideas for her business, but needed clarity and direction in mapping out her marketing efforts that could lead to positive results. She wanted to enhance her online presence, attract more clients, and communicate her services effectively. 

The Solution

Duct Tape Marketing implemented a multiple-week Strategy First process with Leigh Shulman, which included:

  • Total Online Presence Audit: We began the process by analyzing Leigh Shulman's online presence to identify areas of improvement and develop an online strategy that could lead her to grow and reach her target audience, while communicating her services effectively.
  • Competitor Research: An in-depth research on Leigh Shulman's competitors to understand her rivals marketing strategies, strengths, and weaknesses. This allowed us to create differentiating strategies for Leigh Shulman in order for her to stand out in her market.

  • Client Interviews: We interviewed clients and customers to gain a deeper understanding of the problems they face and what they are looking for. This information helped us to develop a tailored marketing strategy that aligned with Leigh Shulman's goals and her target audiences needs.

  • Customer Persona Creation: Based on the information gathered from client interviews and competitor research, we created detailed customer personas representing Leigh Shulman's ideal clients. These personas helped us to develop targeted strategies in the messaging and content provided, that would effectively engage and resonate with her target audience.
  • Core Message and Supporting Description Ideation: We crafted a captivating core message that communicated Leigh Shulman's unique value proposition in her area of expertise and what she does. We also developed supporting descriptions that highlighted the main benefits and features of her coaching and mentorship services, creating a consistent message for her marketing content.
  • Buyer's Journey Plan/Marketing Hourglass: Our marketing hourglass, outlined the buyer's journey for Leigh Shulman's clients, mapping her journey and giving a clear view to  create focused marketing campaigns and content, that will engage effectively with potential clients throughout the journey.
  • Strategy Overview: We presented a comprehensive marketing strategy overview to Leigh Shulman that showed our recommendations for improving her online presence, targeting her ideal clients, and communicating her services better. This strategy was a roadmap to explore new marketing opportunities and provided a clear path towards achieving her business goals.
  • Content Marketing Plan: Based on the marketing strategy, we developed a content marketing plan that included creating engaging social media content and blog posts focused on Leigh Shulman's target audience. This content would help her improve her online presence and establish herself in the writing coaching and mentorship industry;  providing content of value for current and potential clients, increasing her online engagement and conversions, and growing her reach.

By implementing the Strategy First process, Duct Tape Marketing provided Leigh Shulman with a comprehensive marketing strategy that addressed her unique needs and goals. This approach enabled her to effectively attract new clients, improve her online presence, and ultimately drive significant business growth. 

The Results

Upon completing the Strategy First engagement, Leigh Shulman  gained a clear view of the main obstacles impeding her business growth. The comprehensive marketing strategy presented to her led her to implement new and more effective strategies, explore new marketing opportunities, and gave her a clear roadmap that pointed her towards increased income and client base.

Leigh Shulman saw the value that this roadmap provided, but wanted to free up her time to be the author, innovator and mentor she knows she can be. As a result, Leigh moved to a retainer engagement with Duct Tape Marketing to let our growth and strategy experts do what they do best, help her scale her business and reach her goals.

Client Testimonial

"100%. Anyone who is struggling with their marketing the way I was or looking for somebody to take over their marketing. I would 100%, no doubt, recommend Duct Tape Marketing."

-Leigh Shulman, Author & Founder


Duct Tape Marketing approach with Leigh Shulman, allowed her to develop a clear roadmap for her marketing plan and business goals. This case study demonstrates that by identifying what is and what is not working for your business, and from there creating a well-executed marketing strategy, can lead to business success and growth. 

If your business is in need of a marketing analysis, don't hesitate to reach out to us for a custom solution that will drive results and fuel your business potential.

Client Feedback

Strategy First process provided a clear view of my business, identified areas for improvement, and answered numerous questions.

This process helped me realize that my messaging and online presence were not effectively conveying my services.