Gaining Clarity, Confidence, and Trust in Marketing with a Clear Plan

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Case Study Template

Mike Hyon, owner of Precision Contracting, had faced numerous struggles with previous marketing companies, leaving him with unsatisfactory results and unfulfilled expectations. Seeking a solution that would provide clarity and direction for his home renovation and remodeling business, Mike turned to Duct Tape Marketing's Strategy First approach. This proved to be a game-changer, empowering Precision Contracting with a clear plan for a cost-effective marketing strategy and renewed confidence in their marketing efforts.

Client Profile

Business Name: Precision Contracting Services

Industry: Home Renovation & Remodeling

Location: Philadelphia tri-state area

Years in Business: Over 25 years


The Challenge

Precision Contracting had tried various marketing companies and methods in the past, but found that other agencies were "all over the place" – they lacked structure, did not provide clear feedback, and took a long time to deliver results. Frustration mounted as money was spent on marketing without tangible proof of work or an understanding of where the funds were being allocated.

Mike needed to trust that his marketing partner would utilize his budget efficiently and effectively, ensuring a strong return on investment.

The Solution

To tackle these challenges, Precision Contracting hired Duct Tape Marketing for a multiple-week Strategy First Engagement that included:

  • Total online presence audit: A thorough evaluation of Precision Contracting's existing online presence was conducted, enabling them to identify areas for improvement and develop a strong foundation for their marketing efforts.
  • Competitor research: In-depth analysis of competitors allowed Precision Contracting to understand their rivals' strategies and identify opportunities for differentiation, ensuring a clear and effective plan for standing out in the market.

  • Core message and supporting description ideation: By crafting a compelling core message and supporting descriptions, Precision Contracting was able to effectively communicate their unique value proposition, fostering a clear strategy.

  • Marketing hourglass: This framework outlined the buyer's journey for Precision Contracting's target audience, providing a clear roadmap for creating targeted marketing campaigns and lead generation.
  • Strategy overview: A comprehensive marketing strategy was presented to Precision Contracting, outlining recommendations for improving their online presence and targeting their ideal clients, ultimately providing a clear and efficient plan for growth.
  • Content marketing plan: The development of a content marketing plan, tailored to Precision Contracting's target audience, ensured the efficient use of resources and facilitated the delivery of engaging, valuable information that would drive increased engagement and conversions.
  • Growth priority initiatives: By focusing on initiatives that directly contributed to business growth, Precision Contracting could trust that their marketing budget was being spent efficiently, and their partnership with Duct Tape Marketing would yield tangible results.
  • Buyer's journey plan: A detailed plan outlining each stage of the buyer's journey enabled Precision Contracting to develop targeted marketing campaigns and content that engaged potential clients and nurtured them towards conversion and growth.

Empowering Precision Contracting with clarity and confidence.

The Strategy First approach provided Precision Contracting with a clear and structured plan, allowing them to fully understand where their marketing budget was being allocated and how their marketing efforts were being supported. The detailed plan enabled them to measure their progress and achievements, reinforcing their confidence in their marketing strategy and partnership with Duct Tape Marketing.

The Results

With the completion of their Strategy First engagement, Precision Contracting was impressed with Duct Tape Marketing's ability to provide a seamless and clear marketing strategy. They saw value in continuing with Duct Tape Marketing to help them implement their comprehensive plan, achieve their business goals, and grow their client base. They were particularly impressed with the transparency of the plan, which made it evident where their investments were being allocated and how these initiatives would drive future growth.

Precision Contracting sees Duct Tape Marketing not just a service provider, but a strategic ally that will be instrumental in their continued success.

Client Feedback

Precision Contracting praised the Strategy First approach for its clarity, structure, and organization. They appreciated the clear communication and comprehensive marketing plan, which allowed them to make informed decisions about their marketing spend.


By partnering with Duct Tape Marketing Precision Contracting has gained clarity, confidence, and trust in their marketing efforts, leading to a clear plan for growing their client base. And not just any clients, the right clients.

If your business is in need of a clear marketing strategy it can grow from, don't hesitate to reach out to us for a custom solution that will drive results and fuel your success.