A Clear Plan for Revving Up Business Growth using Strategy First for this Property Management Company

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Case Study Template

Ironhorse Management is a reputable commercial and residential property management company in Bozeman and Gallatin Valley, Montana. Established in 1979, Ironhorse Management is owned by Brian Witt, who was eager to identify weaknesses in his marketing strategy and implement a more efficient process for business growth. After being drawn to Duct Tape Marketing's Strategy First offering and expertise, Brian decided to work with us to develop a clear marketing plan targeting his ideal clients.

Client Profile

Business Name: Ironhorse Management, LLC

Industry: Commercial and Residential Property Management Services

Location: Bozeman and Gallatin Valley, Montana

Years in Business: 40+ years

Website: ironhorsemgmt.com

The Challenge

Ironhorse Management had struggled to find a marketing strategy that could deliver consistent results. Previously, Brian had worked with another marketing company but found their in-person meetings challenging for his schedule, and their plan lacked specificity. He was seeking a solution that allowed for virtual discussions and a focused, clear strategy.

The Solution

Duct Tape Marketing implemented a multiple-week Strategy First process with Ironhorse Management, which included:

  • Total Online Presence Audit: We began by conducting a thorough analysis of Ironhorse Management's existing online presence. This included examining their website, search engine optimization (SEO), social media channels, and online reputation. We identified areas of improvement and provided actionable recommendations to strengthen their online presence and better target their ideal clients.
  • Competitor Research: We conducted in-depth research on Ironhorse Management's competitors to understand their marketing strategies, strengths, and weaknesses. This allowed us to identify opportunities for Ironhorse Management to differentiate themselves and capitalize on unique selling points that would resonate with their target audience.

  • Client Interviews: We interviewed clients and customers to gain a deeper understanding of the problems they face. This information helped us to develop a tailored marketing strategy that aligned with Ironhorse Management's objectives and resonated with their ideal clients.

  • Customer Persona Creation: Based on the information gathered from client interviews and competitor research, we created detailed customer personas representing Ironhorse Management's ideal clients. These personas helped us to develop targeted messaging and content that would effectively engage and resonate with their target audience.
  • Core Message and Supporting Description Ideation: Using the customer personas, we crafted a compelling core message that communicated Ironhorse Management's unique value proposition. We also developed supporting descriptions that highlighted the key benefits and features of their property management services, creating a consistent and persuasive narrative for their marketing efforts.
  • Buyer's Journey Plan/Marketing Hourglass: We designed a marketing hourglass that outlined the buyer's journey for Ironhorse Management's target audience, from initial awareness to brand advocacy. This framework provided a clear roadmap for creating targeted marketing campaigns and content that would engage potential clients at every stage of the journey and nurture them towards conversion.
  • Strategy Overview: We presented a comprehensive marketing strategy overview to Ironhorse Management that outlined our recommendations for improving their online presence, targeting their ideal clients, and implementing targeted marketing campaigns. This strategy served as a blueprint for their future marketing efforts and provided a clear path towards achieving their business growth goals.
  • Content Marketing Plan: Based on the marketing strategy, we developed a content marketing plan that included creating engaging blog posts, informative articles, and compelling social media content tailored to Ironhorse Management's target audience. This content would help to establish Ironhorse Management as a thought leader in the property management industry and provide valuable information to potential clients, ultimately driving increased engagement and conversions.

By implementing the Strategy First process, Duct Tape Marketing provided Ironhorse Management with a tailored and comprehensive marketing strategy that addressed their unique needs and goals. This approach enabled Ironhorse Management to effectively target their ideal clients, improve their online presence, and ultimately drive significant business growth. We are excited to continue to help them grow!

The Results

The Strategy First engagement with Duct Tape Marketing not only eased Brian's anxiety about the marketing process but also provided him with significant value. He gained confidence in our ability to identify weaknesses in his current marketing plan and develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to attract new business opportunities. As a result, Ironhorse Management moved to a retainer contract with Duct Tape Marketing.

Client Testimonial

"Working with Duct Tape Marketing has been a game-changer for our business. Their Strategy First process was efficient and streamlined, and their communication was clear throughout the entire engagement. The competitor research and target personas they provided were extremely helpful, and I am confident that we now have a solid marketing strategy in place to grow our business. I would recommend Duct Tape Marketing's services to others without reservation."

Brian Witt

Owner of Ironhorse Management, LLC


Ironhorse Management's case study demonstrates the effectiveness of a well-executed marketing strategy in identifying weaknesses and driving business growth. By partnering with Duct Tape Marketing, Ironhorse Management was able to develop a clear, focused marketing plan that catered to their specific needs and goals.

The successful engagement led to a retainer contract with Duct Tape Marketing, highlighting our commitment to delivering value and helping businesses grow through tailored marketing solutions. If your business is in need of a marketing revamp, don't hesitate to reach out to us for a custom solution that will drive results and fuel your success.

Client Feedback

“Would recommend Duct Tape Marketing's services to others,
without reservation.”

“Strategy First process was efficient and streamlined, with clear

“We appreciated the comprehensive approach to marketing strategy and found the competitor research and target personas to be extremely helpful.”