Learn why the Fractional CMO business model might just be perfect for your agency of practice.

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Dan Kraus

"I am so grateful for the network of really smart marketers - probably more than anything else I have ever come across in my professional life. I could not have built my business and my expertise without it.

Dan Kraus - Leading Results

During this session you'll learn:

  • How the network can help you scale your business without adding overhead
  • How to offer highly profitable "Done for You" marketing services packages
  • How to gain access to thousands of documented processes, checklists, templates, proposals, and more
  • How to get paid to convert ideal prospects to clients

Join John Jantsch for a special live discovery session and learn all about the Fractional CMO model

Tuesday, October 18th

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I had planned for up to three years of no-profit and had the funds to last that long.  That was a bit too conservative, as I was able to land new business within months of completing the training.

Dennis Ottey- Dot Digital

Dennis B Ottey