Dan Kraus

Marketing is the most misunderstood of all business disciplines.  Some understand it as promotion or advertising.  Others think of it as brand logos and pictures. Classic Marketing is the 4P’s – product, pricing, placement, and promotion. And there is a lot of planning that goes before those 4P’s and a ton of execution and tracking that must be done after the 4P’s are defined.

That’s what a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) does – aligns and guides all those steps, systems, processes, strategies, tactics and creative that help customers get to know, like, trust and try and buy.  And a great CMO is also going to make sure that your customers have the experience that makes them come back again AND talk you up to their friends or colleagues.

Go To Market CMO is a fractional Chief Marketing Officer for your company. We specialize in B-to-B technology companies – and even more specifically, mission-critical software developers, publishers, and consultants.

If you have the staff on board and you just need to get the company defined and aligned behind strategy, you can leverage our 3-day strategic workshop to accelerate your efforts and reduce the waste in your marketing budget.

If you need longer term involvement, you can bring us on to your staff in ¼-time increments. We’ll make sure you have the staff and vendors to meet your goals and your budget, and you can count on us to help develop the plan and then manage (or hire) the right resources to get the jobs done.

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