Cultivating A Sense Of Self-Worth

Cultivating A Sense Of Self-Worth

Cultivating A Sense Of Self-Worth

By John Jantsch


Marketing Podcast with Tim Washer

tim-washer-comedianIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Tim Washer. Tim spent 20 years at IBM, Cisco, and Accenture, mostly feigning interest on conference calls. Moonlighting as a comedy writer/actor on SNL, Conan and The Late Show equipped him to use humor to humanize some of the world’s most boring brands. He uses laughter to help corporations capture attention, show empathy, build rapport and make a persuasive case with B2B technology audiences on topics such as the Internet of Things and mainframe computers, where the comedy writes itself.

Key Takeaway:

Feeling unworthy is a common emotion many humans have — at any and all ages. In this episode, Tim Washer reminds us of our humanness as he talks about his struggle with feelings of unworthiness throughout his career as a comedian. He highlights his lessons learned and how getting comfortable with being uncomfortable has pushed him to become a better version of himself.

Questions I ask Tim Washer:

  • [1:37] What are your feelings about the state of the shows like SNL and Conan?
  • [3:51] When you first started as a keynote speaker, did you bring a tip jar and put it up in the front?
  • [5:14] Professional speakers were dramatically impacted over the last year — what did last year teach you?
  • [8:43] You’re transitioning a bit with your speaking and I know you’re delving into talking about change and culture — can you share what you’re working on right now?
  • [11:05] How have you also made physical changes in your life?
  • [13:15] Physical wellness now has seemingly become an important part of your routine in your life — where does embracing physical wellness fit in your mental health?
  • [15:15] If I were going to go hear Tim Washer speak on the stage today, what would the topic be?

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