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Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network

Why recreate the wheel? Start, grow or scale your practice and profits using our proven tools and templates

We've built a complete consulting success system and network exclusively for small business marketing consultants, coaches, and agencies.


About the network

The Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network is a community of over 150 consultants, coaches and agencies from all over the world who constantly learn from each other, create new tools and processes, connect with new people, build invaluable, lasting relationships, and grow their practices far more profitably by joining together to support each other. 

The wins and results speak for themselves


Generate more ideal client leads with our tested marketing funnels.

We've built a series of lead generation funnels for our members to use including landing pages, lead capture tools, and follow-up nurture series emails. Even if you were to build these for yourself the time you save plugging our tools in means you have more time to start working with your new clients.

Use our proven system to build long-term retainer engagements.

On day one you'll have access to our repeatable marketing system that allows you build long-term retainer engagements using your tools and partner providers who have been trained specifically to work with members of our network and install elements of your new marketing system.

Join our community of like-minded consultants and you'll never have to go at it alone.

Creating a business without the need for overhead is one of the promises of our business model, but going it alone can get tough at times. Imagine having a network to collaborate with, train with, and network with. It's the number one reason people stay in our network for years.

Create long-term coaching retainer clients with our Certified Marketing Manager Program

We've built an exclusive online training and coaching program that our network members use to generate hybrid coaching and training program aimed at business owners who need help building a marketing action plan but also want to level-up and train members of their internal team. It's the best of both worlds and it's an innovation that's only available to members of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network.   Find out more here

List of benefits enjoyed by members


  • Complete access to Duct Tape University containing 14 courses
  • 2 full-day virtual group sessions with John Jantsch and team
  • Optional 6-8 week deep dive training on specific topics launching every month
  • Monthly “Trends You Can’t Ignore Webinar” with John Jantsch and industry experts
  • Monthly “Ask Me Anything” calls lead by John Jantsch and the Duct Tape Team


  • Access to exclusive network Facebook group
  • Monthly coffee club networking meetings with fellow members
  • First-year Mastermind peer training group
  • Consultant corner collaboration profiles for additional exposure
  • Opportunity to co-author eBooks


  • In person and virtual training bootcamps
  • Annual 3 day Summit with keynote speakers and topic specific workshops


  • 3 1v1 onboarding coaching calls with the Duct Tape Marketing Team
  • Unlimited email support

Consulting Packages

  • Three complete done for you processes and tools for lead conversion
  • 4 different levels of example retainer packages
  • Certified Marketing Manager Coaching Program to sell retainer coaching

  • Strategy First Package to sell strategy consulting engagement

Certification Badges

  • Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant (received after initial training)
  • Master Certification Program (ability to apply after 1 year)
  • Certified Marketing Manager Coach (received after optional additional training)
  • Specific practice badges for strategy, lead generation, speaking, and industry speciality


  • eBooks to co-brand and use for lead capture
  • Powerpoint presentations for speaking 
  • Case Studies to use in sales presentations
  • Checklists to use in lead capture and client engagements
  • Example proposals for closing clients

Strategic partners

  • Marketing website builders and content creators
  • Social media and seo service providers
  • CRM and Email Marketing tools
    and discounts
  • Paid Lead Generation services for Google and Facebook

  • Virtual marketing assistants and account managers

Optional Add-ons

  • Starter WordPress Website - $1295
  • Lead Funnel for Starter Website - $495
  • Total Online Presence Audit - research, slides, and video for $400

  • Extra coaching calls with the Duct Tape Marketing Team - $199

Even more proof



7 Steps to Scale Your Practice and Profit Without Adding Overhead


In this 7 step guide, you'll learn exactly how to:

  • Charge a premium for your services by creating a unique point of view and positioning
  • Get prospects to pay you while you sell them even more expensive, long-term, retainer engagements
  • Build an army of collaborators so you can delegate most of the implementation

Listen to John Jantsch explain the value of a complete system

What makes Duct Tape Marketing different?

Lots of people are selling their get rich quick approach to building digital marketing agencies these days, but when you look past the hype you’ll find that what they are really selling is today’s hot trend (Facebook ads or some such.) If you want to start or grow a real marketing practice, one backed by over 20 years of proven success, you’ve come to the right place.

Meet some of our typical members


Service providers

Michael Quinn
Michael Quinn Agency Fargo ND

SEO services provider looking to expand into full strategic marketing engagements including marketing strategy

See Michael's Case Study


Corporate start-ups

Jennifer Kelly
New Initiatives Marketing

After 17 years of big brand experience, Jennifer chose to strike out on her own and build a consulting practice.

See Jennifer's Case Study


Marketing consultants

Tom Shipley
Cole-Dalton Marketing Services

Small business marketing consultant looking for a proven system to help scale his success.

See Tom's Case Study

What our members say about investing in the network

Without a doubt, it's been the greatest return on investment I've made in my business or personal life.

Antonio Guerrero
Systematic Business Marketing

Hear some member stories

Click to watch the video to hear from some of our current and long-time members speak candidly about the many benefits that receive as an active member in the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network. No one can express the unique nature of this network better than the members.

"After joining the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network, we've experienced triple digit growth each year we've been in business." ~ Ian Cantle, Outsourced Marketing, Member since 2017

"We doubled our revenue in two years after receiving the guidance and know-how to build standards, processes and systems from the Duct Tape Marketing." ~ Debbie Howard, Senior Living SMART, Member since 2019

"I finally received the needed framework to deliver comprehensive marketing solution to clients and at the same time gained the confidence in the work being delivered" ~ Kristina Hathaway, Hathaway Marketing, Member since 2021

"By joining the Marketing Consultant Network, we gained systems + tools to support our agency that enabled us to grow." ~ David Gersh, Outreach Digital Marketing, Member since 2017

"I have found and learned through Duct Tape Marketing that talking through a marketing strategy first is most important before jumping into any implementation."
 ~ Peter DeWit, Edge Marketing and Design, Member since 2019 

"I was looking for a marketing system template that could be applied to similar types of businesses over and over. The Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network provided that needed system." ~ Apoorv Dwivedi, Fixyr, Member since 2019

Check out our overview video and get a look at the complete list of benefits and success stories of some of our members.