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Nobody asks me what a blog is these days but, they still want to know how they can use a blog to benefit their business. The software that runs the entire blogging universe offers you some very powerful tools if you can start to think outside the box a bit. If you are already a blogger yourself, then you only need to apply what you know to help your clients and attract new ones.

    Here’s what I mean:

  • Offer to help your clients learn how to blog – hold a teleseminar or training at your office
  • Make a blog part of your service offering – ie: A property management company could set-up a blog for each building they manage.
  • Invite potential referral partners to guest blog – most blog software allows you to create guest authoring status
  • Use a blog service to impact your community – Go to schools, churches and sports teams and offer to create a blog and online calendar (with a very tasteful permanent ad for your business.)

The point here is that while this tool is hot, but still really not that mature, you can take advantage of it and use it as a way to differentiate your business. Once you’ve set one blog up creating a hosting them for others is a snap and your clients will love your for it.


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