Memetracking - not just for techies anymore
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Memetracking – not just for techies anymore

Memetracking – not just for techies anymore

By John Jantsch

Memetracking has taken on a bit of a full blown well, meme. First, the definition of meme from wikipedia.

Sites that cluster and track trends, topics and news will become very important this year and offer the average small business marketer some of the best aggregated and filtered content going. These services track real-time conversations going on at the minute and collect the entire conversation from around the world in one easily digestible place. You must start adding these sites to your RSS reader.

One of the clear leaders in this space at the moment is tech. memorandum. Creator Gabe Rivera has also launched several niche versions.

Other serious players to consider include:

Gabe, I want to help you start the small business version!

Like many services, each will have its fans. Look at them all, find the one that you like the best and make visiting a habit. You’ll get smarter, faster.

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