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fortune cookieOne of the delights for many who dine at Chinese restaurants is the fortune contained inside the little cookie desert.

Finding little hidden gems inside a surprise package takes us back to the fun we had at birthday parties and opening presents during a holiday.

I think businesses can tap the fortune cookie tactic in their own little way to create good feelings and the subsequent word of mouth that comes with a nice little surprise touch.

The thing is, it’s not really that hard.

My wife and I hit a sale at REI, an outdoor store that thankfully has not yet made it to our community, and she found a coat that she loved. She purchased the coat and off we went. Last evening we went to an outdoor event and she took the opportunity to wear her new coat. As we went out the door she reached into the pocket and found a little slip of paper. She pulled it out fully expecting to read a note that said something like “inspected by #48,” but instead it read “You are a goddess!” That little simple note kind of made her day as it was so unexpected. So, immediately we’re both thinking, who made this coat? And now here I am gushing about and checking out the website of what turns out to be a very cool little company located in Burlington VT called ISIS.

So the point is, what can you to add a fortune cookie moment? How can you add a creative twist that makes people pass the word on? Why stop at one thing, maybe you can hide all kinds of surprise moments in your products and services just waiting to create warm feelings and smiles.

Share your fortune cookie moments – those you’ve experienced and those you’ve done in your own business.

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