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Marketing podcast with Chris Brogan (Click to listen, right click and Save As to download) – subscribe now via iTunes

For this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast I had the pleasure of chatting with Chris Brogan. Chris is the President of New Marketing Labs and co-author of Trust Agents – Using the web to build, influence, improve reputation, and earn trust.

Chris really is one of the super stars of the online social media world and while he would never call himself one – he’s the ultimate trust agent.

It’s a tad ironic I think because the early days on the web were filled with untrust. Today, however, a new breed of open, authentic, and transparent communication has allowed relative unknown brands to build influence and trust and ultimately do more business than ever before imagined.

Chris Brogan is also one of the forces behind the Inbound Marketing Summit conferences and somehow I made the agenda for the Oct 7-8 session in Boston, MA, so I hope you can come by and check out this great line-up and say hi. (I’ll even be a Red Sox fan that day if need be.)

Here’s what Chris and I covered in this podcast:

  • Using the web to build trust
  • About Trust Agents
  • Translating “human business” to the web
  • Building an online community
  • Where people go wrong building an online community
  • Paid Advertising – Is it dead?

You can connect with the Trust Agents Facebook community or be sure to check out Chris’ Trust Agents contribution on Fast Company


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