Track Your Email Marketing Efforts with Swiftpage

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I had a great chat with the founder of a unique email marketing service called Swiftpage on the Duct Tape Marketing podcast this week.

Swiftpage does all the normal sending, formatting and list maintaining functions provided by even the most basic email services, but Swiftpage takes it a giant step farther.

Swiftpage fully integrates with software like ACT and Outlook to help you use your own database and then gives you the ability to individually track the open rate and activity of each email. If you send a promotional offer to your opt in list, you can get reports that tell you who viewed the email, who clicked a link, who viewed a promotional video, etc. This type of data reporting provides you with a list of the hottest prospects for follow-up.

Using this service you can send one or a thousand HTML emails and know when the recipients are ready for a sales call or even another, more detailed form of email or white paper.

Another benefit of this is the ability to integrate with a database you already use, such as your Outlook contact list, allowing you to maintain one master list.


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