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It’s been a while since I’ve writtern about StockLayouts, but every time I see a new set of designs come out of these folks I’m even more impressed.

One of the quickest ways to create high impact stationary, brochures, ads, newsletters and product sheets is to grab a collection from StockLayouts. There are lots of template designs available but these are by far the best you can find.

You won’t find yourself thinking these design look like templates – don’t forget to browse around and find designs for your specific industry.


Graphic Design

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  1. Russell,

    There’s really no conflct here with that article – I still am not a fan of the tri-fold brochure. StockLayouts allows you to do exactly what I descibe as Marketing Kit with their sales sheet templates and pocket folders.

    If you add a brochure to the marketing kit that’s fine, just go beyond it.

  2. I would have appreciated this article more if I had not read your article entitled “Time to move up from the worn-out sales brochure.” It seems to me that you’re playing both sides of the fence on the issue of creative marketing.

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