Waiting for Your Cat to Bark

Waiting for Your Cat to Bark

Waiting for Your Cat to Bark

By John Jantsch

I had a great chat with Bryan Eisenberg, co-author of Waiting for your Cat to Bark over a recent visit to Kansas City. Bryan was on tour promoting his newest book and offers some great insight into small business use of the web. Click to listen to the podcast

The book’s title is a nod to the fact that many marketers attempt to get people to do things they just don’t really want to do. Waiting for your Cat to Bark shows you how to think about persuading your prospects to do the things they do want to do.

Bryan’s company (run with his brother Jeffery) Future Now, Inc is all about showing web site owners how to create and structure information on web sites to make it more persuasive. They’ve even created their own term for this process called persuasion architecture.

I’ve long been a fan of their newsletter Grokdotcom. I think you’ll enjoy Bryan’s easy, non-techie style.

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