So Who's The Target Really?

So Who's The Target Really?

So Who's The Target Really?

By John Jantsch

Lots has been written about this whole target marketing thing but I think most people miss the best part of this strategy.

Yes, it’s true you need to find a narrow market and focus on them. However, I think that small business owners would fare much better if they realized that they could and should be the target. That’s right, don’t aim for a market, get a market to target you.

Most businesses flail around so thoroughly that their potential clients can’t find them – let alone understand what they have to offer.

There is a Buddhist concept called the monkey mind. The monkey mind is the name for that clamoring in you head that hates the silence, hates the mundane, hates to sit still. I think small business owners suffer from the marketing monkey mind. They can’t stand to listen to the same marketing message over and over, they yearn to bounce off the walls in search of the new, new marketing message and they hate, more than anything, repetition.

Sit still, mail the sales letter again and again and again and clients will appear at your feet. Prospects will seek you out because of, not in spite of, your consistency. Stop changing what you say, what you look like, what you do – stick with something long enough, repeat it over and over until it makes you ill (or becomes a mantra) then, and only then, will your prospects target you.

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