Give and You Shall Receive

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There are certain laws of nature that even the most cynical are likely to admit exist.

Every religion or spiritual practice that I am aware of teaches that it is in the giving you truly receive.

I have found that this natural law spills over into marketing as well.

Small business marketers must work hard to develop the trust of a prospect and one of the best ways to develop this trust is to show a willingness to give before you ask for the order. This practice comes to life easily in the form of high quality educational content.

  • A free tips report
  • A how to guide
  • Educational articles
  • Free workshops
  • A help line
  • Free teleseminars

Every now and then, when I mention this practice, a business owner will worry that, if they freely give away their knowledge and expertise no one will need them. In practice, nothing could be farther from the truth. Demonstrate your ability to solve problems, your willingness to build relationships and offer proof that you do indeed know what you are doing, and you will become the expert of choice.

Some of the most successful business owners I know come from this mind set and it underpins their essential core marketing message. Businesses exist to create customers and make a profit, but I believe if you originate those goals in a determination to really help your clients get what they want, the customers and profits will be plentiful.


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