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There are lots of variations on this simple marketing tip, but the theme is always the same – do something well and do it a whole bunch.

That’s the one simple truth about marketing. Always has been, always will be.

Here’s one of my favorite small business marketing success strategies.

Take one rainy Friday afternoon and compile a list of 60 businesses or individuals that you feel need what you do. Do some research in the local business journal or at the library or by asking your current clients. Find businesses that fit, have a need and that you know you can offer something of value.

Create your target list and personally call each one and find out who in each of these organizations is best suited to receive a marketing message from you.

SIDEBAR:Here is the marketing phone script that always works. Call and say this to whomever answers the phone. “Hi – My name is Fred, from Acme Marketing. If I had a way to help you double your organization’s business in about 90 days,[substitute you big idea here] would you be the person I should send that information to?”

The person answering the phone often is not the person you want, but they will always give up the right name when you pitch it like this.

Then, everyday, for the next 60 days, write a personal letter demonstrating your knowledge of their business and their needs and outline how you have a solution for their needs. Send one letter a day, wait three days and call that person to ask for an appointment.

If you do your homework, write a strong letter and make your follow-up calls you will have a steady stream of very warm prospects every week.



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