The Future Of Virtual And In-Person Events In 2021

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Marketing Podcast with Erica Maurer

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Erica Maurer. Erica is an Event Producer, Event Coach, and partner at EMRG Media. She also owns a couple of events and puts on a few events around the Event Planner Expo, the Women’s Insider Network.

Key Takeaway:

2020 forced rapid change for nearly every single industry. The event industry was hit especially hard. Every in-person ceased to exist overnight. Everything quickly shifted online. We had no choice but to rethink how to gather for events, how to encourage virtual networking, how to make talks more engaging, and how to build the same feelings of community — all from behind a computer.

With all of this change that was quickly forced upon us, where do we stand today? After a year of making massive pivots, in-person and virtual events may be forever changed. In this episode, Erica and I discuss how the pandemic has affected the industry and what the future looks like for events in 2021 and beyond.

Questions I Ask Erica Maurer:

  • [1:02] What is the state of events right now after a year of big change?
  • [4:01] What’s the future going to look like in all forms of events?
  • [6:10] What are some of the things you have to change and adapt to based on what you’ve learned are the realities of virtual events today?
  • [11:40] What are the actual natural advantages of virtual over in-person events that might actually have somebody wanting to keep events virtual?
  • [16:03] Have you found ways to enhance Zoom?
  • [16:17] What are some other technologies (besides Zoom) that you’re really in love with too?
  • [21:39] What are some creative things you’re seeing people do to keep up engagement during and after virtual events?
  • [22:43] Tell us more about your two conferences and where more people can learn more about your event planning.
  • [24:29] Are you planning on being in person this year?

More About Erica Maurer:

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