Why Creativity And Innovation Are All About Taking Risks

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Marketing Podcast with Josh Linkner

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Josh Linkner. Josh has been the founder and CEO of five tech companies, which sold for a combined value of over $200 million, and is the author of four books including the New York Times Bestsellers, Disciplined Dreaming and The Road to Reinvention. 

Key Takeaway:

We tend to overestimate the risk of trying something new, but we underestimate the risk of standing still. The world is changing at a rate like none other in history. The premise of Josh’s newest book is arming everyday people to become everyday innovators and the importance of shining a bright flashlight on the real risk of failing to cultivate safe environments for creativity to flourish.

In this episode, Josh and I discuss the beauty that comes out of taking risks and making mistakes. We dive into how small everyday innovations drive oversized results, and his systematic approach to help bring creativity to the surface in a way that creates meaningful results.

Questions I Ask Josh Linkner:

  • [0:58] You described yourself as a creative trouble maker — would you say that’s a line that runs through your newest book?
  • [2:14] I want to challenge you on one thing — as I listened to your stories of companies experiencing little breakthroughs, were they in many cases just them trying to get through the day?
  • [5:00] A lot of industries have gotten smoked because they have just stood still — how do you tell that 60-year-old CEO that they’re going to have to take a risk (a potential loss) or they’re going to go out of business?
  • [6:11] How does someone start experimenting with micro-innovations?
  • [9:53] Say we’ve done the brainstorming events and we’ve generated a dozen good ideas, how do we recognize one that’s worth doing?
  • [12:07] How do you think companies (in all industries) should address the creativity skill gap?
  • [15:32] What’s your favorite story from the book?
  • [17:03] Do you believe that the CEO’s role in an organization should be to breed the idea of obsession over innovation?
  • [17:57] Is there any risk of somebody picking up the book and saying, “we’re going to do all eight of those this quarter”?

More About Josh Linkner:

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