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Just when you thought you were getting the hang of using RSS as a research tool, someone, like me, comes along and tells you that it’s not enough.

Now it’s become ultra easy to use RSS technology to create individual feeds of information and supply them to your best clients. You know they want to figure this RSS thing out but just can’t seem to get around to it. So, do it for them.

Here’s what I would suggest. Go to and create personalized, search specific, RSS feeds, mash them together and deliver customized information to your clients on a daily basis. The current trendy name for this is a newsradar

Syndicaat allows you to easily mash multiple feeds together creating one very focused and personalized feed. (Yahoo Pipes does this as well, but my results with it have been spotty)

So, let’s say you have a client that produces tents for active outdoor types. You can search very specific terms and phrases in Google News, Yahoo News, Bloglines, Technorati, Google Blogs, Outdoor Forums, and anything else that produces an RSS feed and mash all the content about your client, their competitors, the industry, specific keywords and phrases, you name in, into one digestible, personalized newsfeed that changes daily. (Don’t tell your client how easy this is, just do it and bill them for it – they’ll thank you.)

Talk about a great way to get a competitive edge. It’s like creating personalized publications for each client or each marketing segment you serve. What if you did this for your prospects as a way to show them what you could do? You can make all this content public or create private password protected feeds.You can also republish the RSS feed and data on any web page on your site using simple javascript or even Feedburner’s Buzz Boost and then put it in your client’s private page on your website. So now they come to your website for their industry news everyday – you got to like the sound of that.

Here’s an example of the results from the type of search I described above using the mashable RSS feeds and syndicaat for the term duct tape marketing.



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  1. Thanks for the tip on

    I have since created two aggregate feeds, one each for top marketing and sales posts over the past 2-3 days. I’m pooling feeds from 32 blogs to get my “concentrated” feeds. These feeds are listed on my blog and I’ll post them here for all who may be interested.

    Of course, Duct Tape Marketing is a featured marketing blog feed!

    What a great tool! These aggregated feeds now greet me each morning on my MyYahoo page. Thanks again John!



  2. Thank you for reviewing and using mySyndicaat. Indeed, we find that many of our users rely on mySyndicaat as a convenient tool for web intelligence. As a matter of fact, our consulting group also uses mySyndicaat. Recently, for instance they created a powerful newsradar (over 700 subscriptions) to monitor the competitive landscape of loyalty (or fidelity) cards w.r.t to issueing institutions, banks and communications & marketing consultants.



  3. Giovanni,

    Your welcome – the tool works as advertised and has lots of potential – good work.

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