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A few days ago I asked readers to tell me the best ways they’ve seen people using video in marketing – see the post and comments.

I’m working on putting together some information to help small business marketers get beyond the “YouTube isn’t for business” thinking. Actually, YouTube may not be for your business, but online video has some great uses.

I offered 5 readers with the best comments tickets to the Future of Online Advertising conference in New York June 7-8.

Overwhelmingly, at least to me, the most intriguing ideas surround the notion of letting users create video content either in a contest to create commercials or to demonstrate your products and services.

Here are the winners and some of what they said.
1) Viewer’s Choice of Sponsor – I’ve said for years that one day I’ll be able to get online to watch David Letterman and have a choice to pay for the viewing (minimal… perhaps $.50 per show, or some kind of subscription) or have an advertiser of my choice pay for the episode. ~ Kirk Lancaster
2) I pay $10 in store credit per instructional video. (The instructions are simple, so these videos are not long or complex.) People love it that I am promoting their instructional videos because they get to be “famous experts.” ~ Lars H.
3) The best way for businesses to take advantage of video in marketing and advertising online is to educate. Nobody is going to watch a video ad. MySpace plays them all the time. Talking ads/moving ads – they’re still ads and they annoy people. Teach them something, make it cool and boom, now they’re talking about YOU. ~ Matt Antonino
4) In summary, its not the quality of the video, nor the amount of viewership, but getting the right eyes to view your video commercials online. ~ Sid
5) Allowing customers to create their own videos promoting your business or product. My favorite example right now is HEB is a growing grocery store chain in Texas, and they are currently holding a “Make Your Own Commercial”. ~ Debby M

Stay tuned on this one! And, keep those good ideas coming.


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