Beg Your Clients To Point Out Your Faults

Beg Your Clients To Point Out Your Faults

Beg Your Clients To Point Out Your Faults

By John Jantsch

Few things are more lovable than a person who readily admits they have faults.

Small business owners make mistakes. If you’ve read this weblog for any time at all you know I’m the ready, fire, aim type. I know I should do a better job of proofreading my writing but well, that’s just me.

So how can you turn what some might think is a bad first impression into a marketing strategy?

Ask people to point out your mistakes and then reward them for doing it.

This might be a free product sample for finding a typo in a marketing brochure or even a free heating and cooling check-up for pointing out a “not so clean” service vehicle.

When you make this a policy and communicate it to the world you accomplish several things.

1) You get better or at least things get fixed. (Watch how fast your staff shapes up when they realize their every move in on notice.)

2) You admit you are human. Now more than ever people are looking for ways to connect with companies they do business with. Inviting them to participate in your customer service process is great way to connect.

3) You send the message that you care. You want to provide an absolutely perfect experience even if it means getting help from your clients to do it.

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