34 Online Reputation Management Tools
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34 Online Reputation Management Tools

34 Online Reputation Management Tools

By John Jantsch

Radically TransparentAndy Beal, co-author of Radically Transparent, stopped by the Duct Tape Marketing podcast to talk about monitoring and managing your online reputation.

People, products and companies today all have two brands – online and off. The problem with this is that the online brand may or may not sync with their offline marketing messages.

User generated media, blogs and discussion forums have changed the flow of information about your company forever.

A new emphasis on reputation management, even for the tiniest of companies, is essential.

Manage Your Identity

claimID.com – Works along with openID to verify your identity on multiple websites.

FindMeOn.com – Link all of your networks together and verify your identity so people know it’s your profile.

FreeYourID.com – Uses .name address to sign you up for sites.

Garlik.com – Searches the web looking for mentions of you that might involve identity theft.

MyOpenID.com – Use one username to verify your log in on sites that use OpenID – great for sites where you might otherwise have multiple log ins.

Spyshakers.com – Identity Management System that allows users to access their websites and passwords remotely.

TypePad.com – Another provider of the OpenID standard.

WordPress.com – Sign up for a free account and use as OpenID

Manage Your Reputation

Naymz.com – Sign-up and invite your invite people to write reviews about you and your work.

Rapleaf.com – Look up your reputation, rate others, and they will be invited to rate you in return.

RepVine – Reference and reputation management combined.

ReputationDefender.com – A service that attempts to help you get things being said online about you removed

TrustPl.us – An online reputation service that ranks based on trust scores.

List of message board tracking services: BoardReader.com, ForumFind.com, Big-Boards.com, BoardTracker.com, iVillage, Yahoo Message Boards, MSN Money

Places to find groups to track: Yahoo Groups, AOL Groups, MSN Groups, Google Groups.

Monitor This allows you to monitor and track keywords over multiple search engines.

Keotag.com A service that allow you to search for tagged blog posts across multiple blog search engines.

Manage Your Online Profiles

Comwat.com – Put your online identities in one place to make it easier to show and find profiles

onXiam.com – This site lets you link all your online identities into one account making it easier for people to find you across the Internet.

OtherEgo.com – Another way to display you online profiles.

ProfileBuilder.com – Very function heavy profile builder that shows off the parts of your profiles you select.

ProfileMat.com – Pull all you profiles together and allow commenting on your profile mat page.

SimplifID.com – One ID for all your online profiles

SocialURL.com – Simple URL to show all your profiles

Venyo.org – Lets you add all of your online activities, including blogs and comments to one page.

Zoolit.com – A landing page to show all your social networks

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