Are you awakened or just an entrepreneur?

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My friend Michael Gerber is at it again, Awakening another generation of entrepreneurs and showing people how to dream intentionally.

His latest book, Awakening the Entrepreneur Within is shipping this week and is a high level overview of his Dreaming Room experiences.

Companies that embrace the method and practices contained in this book can become extraordinary by pushing beyond what they thought it meant to be a company. I am in Phoenix this week presenting marketing workshops for the users of Infusion Software – this is a company that is truly infused with the Awakened Entrepreneur message and it is just so much fun to be around people and companies that are so alive with a vision.

Michael wrote the foreword to Duct Tape Marketing and I consider him a mentor. Just go get this book! He was also a recent guest on my Coaching Excellence Series. Listen to what he had to say


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