What Does Your Email Address Say About Your Business

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I’m passionate about bringing small businesses online – but you knew that.

Sometimes I think I’m making headway and then I will do a workshop with a group of small business owners only to find that some still don’t have websites and some, even those who do have websites, still use email addresses like [email protected] or [email protected].

I don’t about you, but using a Hotmail address for your business just might scream the wrong message. I don’t have anything against AOL or Yahoo or Hotmail, I just think every business needs a domain name (and a website) and they need to use that name in their email address. Let the world know you are in business – [email protected]

AOL, reading the writing on the wall is doing what they can to right the sinking ship and is now offering something called My Eaddress. This service allows you to register a domain and use it with your AOL account – so now [email protected] can become [email protected], even without a website.

Yahoo offers a domain and Business Email for a flat annual fee of about $35.

Thanks to Ramon Ray at Smallbiztechnology for the heads up on the AOL service – Ray has a great site – check it out

You can register a domain name at GoDaddy or Yahoo Small Business – and don’t forget to go ahead and register your name and the names of each of your kids – you never know how valuable that step may prove some day.


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