Tell Stories With Numbers and Shut Up About Your Benefits Already

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[Okay, maybe a little harsh on the title today. I just want to make a point, get your attention, on a topic that confuses almost every small business marketer I come across – and it’s killing their sales and marketing efforts.]

One of the best ways to differentiate your offer or sales pitch from another is to give very specific information, with numbers to prove the point.

And then, wrap it around a story of someone, some client, actually getting that result.

That’s really all your prospects care about. What result will I get and how can your prove it. They don’t care about your mishy mashy, “let’s sit around the board room table and make up some really cool sounding benefits sales copy.”

If you must point out features, sell the results they produce. Nobody really cares about benefits as you see them. They care about results. Go way past your marketing benefits rhetoric and produce real results copy.

Don’t write sales copy that promises they will be satisfied and that will make their world a happier place (typical benefit copy). Write copy that says your employees will be 27.5% more efficient, producing a profit increase in the first 6 months of 15.3% bringing over $254,327 in new revenue to your bottom line. Ted Smith at Gears To Go had this to say, “Our numbers don’t lie, blah good things, blah more specific results, blah.”

Even better, create a formula, run the numbers and show your prospect such incredible ROI that your product or service is actually free (or will be in 6 months of use by way of payback.) And then, wrap your results in a story. Paint them a picture of what their business will look and feel like when they too get these results.

Actually having this kind of proof does take work, but it will make your proposition so much easier to understand, grasp and buy. Do this part right and selling is easy.



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