Hand-Written Notes Have Become A Power Tool

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A couple nights ago I was sitting in my car waiting for one of my daughters to finish up soccer practice. I can’t sit still for more than about 10 minutes so I rooted around the car to find something to read or otherwise use up the wait.

The only thing I could find was a notebook and a pen that I keep to record hair brain ideas.

My oldest turns 20 next week so I decided to fire off a letter – the old fashion way.

As I did so it reminded me what a great tool the handwritten letter or note is.

By the time I had scrawled to the end of page three I felt really good. I don’t know, but there’s something almost mystical or spiritual about the connection of pen on paper. The tap just opens and I find I can’t write fast enough to keep up with my thoughts.

Okay, enough personal mish mash already – let’s look at this from a marketing point of view.

When you take the time to send a client or prospect a thoughtfully handwritten note, not only do you get the benefit of this connection I describe about, you also:

  • Stand out from the crowd (nobody does this anymore and that’s what makes it so powerful)
  • Say, I care enough to take the time to do this
  • Can’t help but write something that is personal in nature (computers stink at that)
  • Make a connection with another form of communication (email, phone, website, blog, note – you need them all)
  • Have the ability to make the person who receives the note feel special (if you can’t figure out why that’s a good marketing thing, I can’t help you)
  • Will begin to receive more referrals (your clients will tell people about your unique habit)

Go to your nearest print shop and get some A-6 size note cards and envelopes, printed with your name tastefully at the top, and get in the habit of writing notes of thanks, congratulations, saw you in the news, did you catch this, hope all is well, what else can we do – everyday, or at least every Friday – and watch how the level of communication you enjoy with your clients changes.

And while you’re at it, write a long letter to your spouse.


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