Mobility Tools with Tom Wilson
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Mobility Tools with Tom Wilson

Mobility Tools with Tom Wilson

By John Jantsch

Tom Wilson, Executive Director of AT&T’s Small Business Group, is my guest this week on the Duct Tape Marketing podcast.

I’m a big fan of technology for the small business because I think it’s one of the great ways to level the playing field. In this show we spend time talking about tools the small business owners and sales folks can use to keep working even when they are on the go and out of the office.

The ability to respond to customers and prospects and do it from anywhere is a true competitive advantage. Enabling your staff to work from anywhere is quickly becoming an expectation.

Given my guest for this show the tools we discuss are obviously AT&T centric, but the concepts, important as they are, apply no matter the brand.

The phone or handset or minitop or communication portal, whatever we end up calling it, is certainly moving towards becoming the lifeline for the entrepreneur on the go.

So, what are your favorite tools for staying on the go and getting work done?

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