The Best City for Entrepreneurs
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The Best City for Entrepreneurs

The Best City for Entrepreneurs

By John Jantsch

Austin SkylineI am doing an interview today with a journalist writing a story about entrepreneurial cities.

You’ve probably seen these kinds of articles before, but to me this is such a tough question. What’s the best place to be an entrepreneur? Most of these types of polls take a look at tangible things like access to capital, learning resources, mentoring facilities, focused government programs and the presence of universities and incubators.

While I think these tangible assets are indeed important, there’s another very large factor that I’ve found as I travel around the globe speaking to groups of entrepreneurs. It’s something I can only classify as a vibe. What I have found in some cities is the entrepreneurs there simply love running a business, are passionate about learning how to do it better, and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. For these folks this is not a job and they are willing to come together and support each other in that mission.

I’m not sure how to bottle that and tell you why it exists, it’s like telling you that in some cities entrepreneurs just seem happier, but that’s my experience.

Recently I’ve found this to be the case in Boston, Austin, San Diego, Phoenix, and Portland.

So my two question to you today are:
1) What cities are great for entrepreneurs?
2) What makes a city great for entrepreneurs?

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