MarTech Podcast - The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur

MarTech Podcast – The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur

MarTech Podcast – The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur

By John Jantsch

John Jantsch appears on the MarTech Podcast to discuss his entrepreneurial journey, life as a marketer, and his latest book, The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur.

Jantsch has been in the world of marketing his entire adult life and founded his own firm, Jantsch Communications (which later morphed into Duct Tape Marketing) some 25 years ago. On this podcast, Jantsch shares how his early life working in an ad agency led him to start his own firm. And as someone who’s been living the entrepreneurial life for more than two decades, he has a lot of insight into the process of starting and growing your own business.

On this episode, Jantsch talks about founding your business, finding your place in your field, and learning to pivot on the go as your grow your business. Plus, he talks a bit about how his latest book can help you on your own entrepreneurial journey.

Listen: John Jantsch on the MarTech Podcast

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The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur

by John Jantsch

“A book that deserves a spot in every entrepreneur’s morning routine.”
—Ryan Holiday, #1 Bestselling Author of The Daily Stoic and The Obstacle is the Way

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