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musicI had a music teacher growing up that you used to say, “it’s fine if you mess up, just mess up the same way when you get to that spot again.”

I think that so many business people so strive to act just like they see everyone else in their industry act, that they never show off their own unique sound.

It’s OK to experiment, do things that others don’t, in fact, it’s the secret to breaking away from the pack.

Purposely look for ways to play off key, showcase your quirks. Hire rebels and freaks. Let you customers know you’re not perfect and then give them a glimpse of a practice run. Set your business up like a teaching studio and host open mic nights for your customers and staff. Focus all of your attention on building an audience that loves your unique and sometimes offbeat style of music and they will find you and tell their friends. Celebrate your gifts!

To round up this music metaphor I’ll draw on the Oliver Wendall Holmes quote, “most of us go to our graves with our music still inside us.” Don’t let that be said about your business.

Tell me about the lovable quirks your business has embraced.

Image credit: Nic’s events


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