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A few days ago I wrote a piece called 7 Characteristics of a Real Life Marketing Strategy. The idea behind the post was to point out characteristics of some of the most powerful approaches to marketing strategy that often have little to do with what a business does and plenty to do with how that business does it.

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The post was one of the more popular topics of late and prompted me to expand with this line of reasoning.

Any good marketing strategy requires people to pull it off and, in the case of a deeply embedded and purpose filled approach, strategy becomes culture. The marketing strategy is delivered to and through the staff to the ultimate delight and inspiration of the customer.

In fact, I’ve said it many times, your staff is likely delivering the same experience to your customers as they are receiving from you. You can make all the grand plans you like about delivering an entertaining, inspiring, simple, surprising or mission filled marketing strategy, but you won’t make it happen unless it comes from within – at the hands of fun, inspired, motivated, surprised and connected employees.

To that end, it starts with a culture filled marketing strategy.

I’m going to talk about this idea if great detail as part of the Verizon Small Business Series Wednesday June 8th at 2pm ET – you can Register here

I believe there is an intentional path to installing a culture that breeds a stronger marketing strategy and, while I don’t believe it’s as simple as saying it’s so, it starts with series of purposeful practices explored and expanded in ways that serve.

For now, you’ll have to join me for the free online seminar to hear more about this topic, but below are the points we’ll explore.

  • The epic story
  • Hire for fit
  • Staff as customer
  • Value creation
  • Fail in favor
  • Results review
  • Touch point maps
  • Cross function
  • Marketing classroom
  • Strategy scorecard


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