Finding Your Swagger And Changing Your Life For The Better

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Marketing Podcast with Leslie Ehm

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Leslie Ehm. Leslie Ehm has spent decades traveling the globe with her award-winning company Combustion, working with executives and teams from top organizations like Google, Disney, Pepsico, TD Bank, Uber, and more. Fuelled by her unrelenting passion to unleash human potential, Leslie is now a speaker and author of a new book — Swagger: Unleash Everything You Are and Become Everything You Want.

Key Takeaway:

Ever wonder why some people are magnetic, confident in their abilities, in charge of their own destinies, and utterly at ease in their own skin? Leslie Ehm says their secret weapon is their swagger. And no, this is not the old type of swagger―that show-off, in-your-face, arrogant kind.

Leslie defines ‘swagger’ as the ability to manifest who you really are and hold onto it in the face of all of the psychological doubt that comes forward regardless of your situation or environment. In this episode, Leslie gives us insight into the steps to discovering your swagger and changing your life for the better.

Questions I Ask Leslie Ehm:

  • [0:51] How do you define swagger?
  • [1:52] How would congruence differ from swagger?
  • [2:32] Do we find ourselves trying to model that person that is so comfortable in their skin and that everyone likes?
  • [3:56] Is there an element of polarization that comes with swagger?
  • [4:57] Does someone who possesses what we’re describing as swagger know that they have it, or are they just being authentic?
  • [5:48] I’ve always thought that the idea of imposter syndrome was almost an excuse to be mediocre – what are your thoughts on imposter syndrome?
  • [9:58] So swagger is something we’re pursuing. If we’re breaking this down, how does someone do that, and what does it start with?
  • [13:30] Are there elements of practice that can help someone become better at their swagger?
  • [15:41] How can you use your awareness of your swagger to actually be a better team member?
  • [17:54] Have you experienced that brands can have or do have swagger?

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