Do the Things Others Aren’t Willing To Do

Do the Things Others Aren’t Willing To Do

Do the Things Others Aren’t Willing To Do

By John Jantsch

hAdamsky via Flickr

The other day an attendee at an event where I was speaking asked me to reveal the secret to my success. I guess since I was the one on stage there was an assumption that I had actually figured something out, but of course, success is a very relative thing indeed.

My answer wasn’t a secret so much as a truth – the secret to success is to be willing to do the things that others aren’t and be prepared to do them for a really long time.

I know, that’s not a very glamorous bit of news, but it is how you win the game.

Over the weekend I went for my normal Saturday run. I cover a course that is often teeming with runners, joggers and walkers. On this morning a sturdy North wind was pushing near freezing rain at me and I recall only passing one other brave soul.

Now, I’m not that disciplined as a runner and I am very capable of rolling over and sleeping in, but on this given run I was reminded that getting ahead takes incredible determination and consistency.

  • Others aren’t willing to keep writing
  • Others aren’t willing to keep learning
  • Others aren’t willing to look foolish
  • Others aren’t willing to think bigger
  • Others aren’t willing to give more
  • Others aren’t willing to get up earlier
  • Others aren’t willing to ask for help
  • Others aren’t willing to test and track
  • Others aren’t willing to invest in their energy
  • Others aren’t willing to embrace change
  • Others aren’t willing to learn from mistakes
  • Others aren’t willing to build relationships
  • Others aren’t willing to say no to things
  • Others aren’t willing to use technology
  • Others aren’t willing to practice
  • Others aren’t willing to make purpose

Others aren’t willing to do the things you do – and that’s how you win.

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