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One of the most effective ways to generate lots of high quality referrals is to develop a network of partners that you are strategically aligned with. Now, let’s look at few words in that last sentence. Develop – this takes work, it’s not something that’s done whenever you think of it. Strategically aligned – these are partners that serve your same ideal customer and that you feel 100% confident that you would send your best customer to by way of referral.

One of the truest ways to receive referrals, of course, is to give them, but don’t simply refer your customers and prospects away, deliver them to one of the trusted resources in your network. In this short video I talk a little about a tool that I’ve used with countless small businesses to help facilitate the building of strong strategic partner networks and, oh yeah, generate hundreds of referral s in the process. I call it the Perfect Introduction in Reverse.

Video: Building strategic partner networks.

So, how do you build your network of trusted resources?


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