How to Get the Best Out of Your Virtual Meetings
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How to Get the Best Out of Your Virtual Meetings

How to Get the Best Out of Your Virtual Meetings

By John Jantsch

online meetings

Marketing Podcast with Mike Fraidenburg

online meetings In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Mike Fraidenburg, a certified mediator, natural resource scientist, and former government executive with broad experience helping organizations and executives who are struggling to work effectively in environments with a lot of conflicts.

Mike’s specialties are assessment and implementation of community-building programs to establish and then maintain positive working relationships across the boundaries between organizations and the community that cares about what you do.

His book Mastering Online Meetings: 52 Tips to Engage Your Audience and Get the Best Out of Your Online Meeting was published in January this year.

Questions I ask Mike Fraidenburg:

  • Meetings for a lot of people have always been horrible regardless of the format because meetings, in general, are not run that well and now have this technology in the way. Do you feel as though this is going to make people up their game and redefine the meeting in general?
  • Are there some tips for getting more engagement particularly when you are trying to brainstorm or collaborate?
  • Would you say there are different rules for different size audiences?

What you’ll learn if you give a listen:

  • The difference between synchronous and asynchronous meetings
  • Mike’s favorite tools for different meeting types
  • How you can make sure everyone can participate even when they can’t attend the actual meeting

More about Mike Fraidenburg:

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