Automatic Blog Posts with delicious
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Automatic Blog Posts with delicious

Automatic Blog Posts with delicious

By John Jantsch

deliciousThe delicious bookmarking tool has a fairly little known feature that bloggers can take advantage of. With the right settings you can have delicious post your bookmarks to your blog once a day as content. Here’s an example post links for 2007-07-27 |

If you have a delicious account (heavens knows you should) and you want to enable this feature log in go to settings >> blogging >> daily blog posting. You can activate it putting blog’s username and password and Post URL (If you use WordPress it’s something like

Once you have this set-up, every time you bookmark in delicious it will be collected and posted to your blog as that day’s collection of links. Because you are making these public it’s a good idea to write good descriptions when you book mark. You also want to remember that anything you bookmark will show up on your blog, so if you don’t want it to you need to make sure you click the don’t make public box.

Too much of this would be pretty boring, but it can be a nice way to create dual posts for a day or come up with your a list of themed links around one subject for a Friday post.

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