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Marketing Podcast with Agnes Kozera

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Agnes Kozera. Agnes is the Co-Founder of Podcorn (Acquired by Audacy) and the previously Co-Founder of FameBit (Acquired by Google).

Key Takeaway:

Podcasting has been around for years but has only really become a popular medium in the last couple of years. But this medium has lacked the infrastructure for brands and podcasters to be able to collaborate directly.

Podcorn was created to solve that very problem. It’s a marketplace that takes the pain out of finding and sponsoring podcasts while empowering podcasters to monetize their voices and passions in a way that is engaging for listeners. In this episode, Agnes talks about the story of Podcorn and how podcasters and brands can effectively work together to both monetize podcaster content and collaborate on organic brand ads that resonate with listeners, driving business results for advertisers.

Questions I Ask Agnes Kozera:

  • [1:10] Can you share your journey as it’s not necessarily the conventional Silicon Vally journey?
  • [2:50] It seems like we’re still in the early days of having more organized platforms for brands and advertisers on podcasts – is that what you’re seeing as well?
  • [4:29] Why do you think podcasting has become such a popular medium in the last couple of years?
  • [6:41] There are so many things that you can do while passively listening to a podcast – do you think that for a certain audience that it actually makes it a very unique medium?
  • [7:46] Is there something about the fact that it is a personality if you will, that is really doing the ad that makes the ad more effective than say a broadcast show?
  • [8:40] If a podcaster or comes to Podcorn and says “what do you have to offer the podcaster that makes my life better,” what do you say?
  • [9:56] On the other hand, if I am a brand and I come to Podcorn, what do you have that makes my life easier?
  • [13:30] Do you have any case studies that come to mind that have come to you and all of a sudden now they’re monetizing their episodes?
  • [14:19] Is there a certain number of downloads that a podcaster needs to be at in order to join your platform?
  • [16:23] Do you have some shows on your platform that are doing a hundred, 200,000+ downloads a month, and does this make sense for them as well?
  • [17:17] What has been the most important channel or tactic for marketing for podcasts?
  • [18:48] What are the trends coming for audio, and what do you think will stick?

More About Agnes Kozera:

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