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Setting up shop in say Japan or the UK can be a pretty big expense for a small business, but offering a local phone number, giving the impression of a local presence, just got a little easier.

A new company called JetNumbers allows you to pay a set monthly fee and offer a local phone number, which directs to your phone, in a growing list of countries. Callers only pay for the local portion of the call just like they were calling a local number.

You can buy packages that come with minutes and get your phone number up and running with a few clicks. There are lots of companies out there willing to offer you International calling plans, but I like the local phone number aspect of this service and I think local, abroad prospects might as well. This could be a pretty simple answer for those small businesses offering products and services around the globe.


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  1. Great website, John.

    Further to your point about setting up shop in Japan, readers should also bear in mind that JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) offers a program whereby you can receive office space from them in Japan incl. telephone, office tools, plus consulting to help access the Japanese marketplace for next to nothing price for a limited time period. A nice way to dip your toe into the Japanese marketplace!

    And by the way: see our website for a free demonstration of our two hour long eLearning tutorial which prepares you for doing business in Japan.

    Tom Griffin
    Cross Culture Training – Japan

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